Kerry Washington celebrated ‘Black History Month’ by sharing her photo with her Grandma!

Commemorating the memory of the legends in the history of the African diaspora, ‘Black History Month’ has been celebrated all over the United States and Canada from February 1st to March 1st every year. This time the celebration of ‘black history’ has garnered much prominence primarily due to some recent unfortunate incidents revealing racial segregation like the brutal murder of George Floyd a few months ago.

Celebrities nationwide are celebrating the ‘Black History Month’ in a variegated yet innovative manner. Of late Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint’ was chosen by Apple Music as the foundational album for ‘Black History Month’!

Recently, the American actress Kerry Washington came sharing her beautiful memory with her grandmother in association with celebrating the ‘Black History Month.’ The actress took to her Instagram to exhibit the shatterproof bond with her grandma, reminiscing about her ‘black history’!

Kerry Washington shared a snippet celebrating her ‘Black History’!

Kerry Washington Shared a Vintage Photograph celebrating her 'BLACK HISTORY'
Kerry Washington Shared a Vintage Photograph celebrating her ‘BLACK HISTORY’

“In our family we celebreate Black History all day, everyday. 24/7. 365! Not just for #BlackHistoryMonth. Why? Well… honoring our history is about remembering all of who we are and who we’ve been. The changes, the victories, the humanity and the spirit! So here’s some of #MyBlackHistory.

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This is a photo of me and my maternal grandmother, Isabelle Moss. She came to the United States from Jamaica through Ellis Island in 1924. Whenever I am in the presence of the Statue of Liberty I wonder what it must have been like for her, as a young woman, to see that towering symbol of freedom as she sailed into the harbors of NYC. I’m gonna share some of my favorite family photos throughout the rest of the month and I hope you will join me in honoring your Black History too, the history that made us!,” posted the actress.

Kerry Washington as 'Entertainer of the Year' unseen photos
Kerry Washington as ‘Entertainer of the Year’ unseen photos

Wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, the snapshot demonstrating Miss.Washington resting on her forehead over the shoulders of her maternal grandmother seems to be one of the most loveliest of all ‘Black History’ moments till the day! She took a moment to remember her evolution, her roots and her family resilience which made her history a fruitful and sensible one!

Known for her acting versatility and political activism, Kerry Washington is an all time favorite celebrity of the times. Her humane and persevering nature made her win the title ‘Entertainer of the Year 2020,’ a milestone in her career!

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