Kerry Washington Shared a Vintage Photograph celebrating her ‘BLACK HISTORY’!

Commemorating the ‘Black History Month,’ the celebrities worldwide are coming up with newfangled posts and Tweets to reflect on their concern as well as love for the African-American legacy. Here’s Kerry Washington with yet another photograph celebrating her legacy as an African-American.

Recently, Kerry Washington celebrated ‘Black History Month’ by sharing her photo with her Grandma and now she is up with something a bit more riveting.

Of late, the actress took to her Instagram to share a vintage image of her father and his family, a throwback image towards her roots.

“Throwing it back to Brooklyn circa 1950 with some more of #MyBlackHistory. This is my dad with his sister, my aunt Claudell, and his parents, my grandparents, Samuel and Lorraine (aka LT Nanny). How amazing is this photo? And how adorable is Earl?!? That smile could light up a room! My dad has always been the life of the party. You’ve seen the #dadjokes 😂. Humor and charm are his superpowers.

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Even when life wasn’t easy, or maybe especially in those challenging times, his ability to find joy and bring laughter into any situation is a gift to our family. One that will last for generations. I loooooooove seeing and hearing about your #BlackHistory and the #MomentsofBlackJoy that brighten your day. Keep sharing and keep spreading the LOVE,” posted the actress.

‘Moments of Black Joy’: Kerry Washington shared a throwback image!

Kerry Washington speaks about her FIRST GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS
Kerry Washington speaks about her FIRST GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS

Sharing this throwback image of her paternal family line, she intended to capture the ‘moments of black joy,’ upholding the glorious legacy of her community. Some moments and some clicks shall last for generations and this is what she has tried to prove by sharing this photograph of her grandparents, father and her aunt in one single frame. The vintage photograph that it is has also captured the super powers of her legacy to the fullest.

Kerry Washington, a caring family member and philanthropist is both concerned about her kith and kin as well as the betterment of the society. Recently, she has also expressed her concern over the winter storm that claimed immense lives in Texas. Of late, Kerry Washington made it a point to convey her message to help Texans amid the catastrophic winter storm.

A true human being in every sense!

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