Khloe Kardashian riposte for the Troll “Evil Stepmother Joke.”

Khloe Kardashian with a snappy answer! Hits troll with Evil Stepmother Joke for the adorable pic on Instagram on August 19 with her baby charm “True Thompson.”

The ‘X Factor star,’ 36, slap down for a troll on Wednesday, Koko shared an adorable pic with her, a 2-year-old little charm earlier on August 19 in Instagram. While 99% of the comments were positive, there was one negative comment heeded. Khloe waded in bluntly to the rude commenter with stepmama joke!

The ill-mannered fan tried to bully her for changing her appearance on the mom’s and daughter’s pic, and she did not have it. 

“ Who is that on the right? The fan rudely asked.

“You new stepmother, Be nice or get grounded, she hit back with a valid tone.

“Khloe! Tell em 👏🏻👏🏻” one supportive fan committed while another said, “lady just disappear Koko & baby Tristan don’t need stupidity in their life.”

Kardashians comments

Even her family was delighted with her pic Kris Jenner commented, “ And the lovely baby  💕💕💕. Her sister Kim Kardashian penned she is getting so big! Can’t take it. 

Khloe’s BFF Malika said Awww stunners and Kyle BFF “Stassie” comments My loves!!!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Khloe with daughter True
Khloe with daughter True

In the photo, Khloe rocked a hairdo courtesy of Jesus Guerrero with raven black hair was done in a bob-  With full makeup on she mows her bold red lips possing a kissing face in the camera. The photo was said to be featured Khloe looking strikingly similar to the “Kiss and tell” crooner “Selina Gomez”, perceiving it was nearly impossible to know who was who!  It’s not the first time dazzling mother-of-one has been a celebrity’s looks later in a snap she had completely transformed into her younger sister “Kylie Jenner”.

But with all those followers comes a whole lot of criticism and trolls. “Keeping up with Kardashian” star has lettered to deal with such mock with a great sense of humor. Previously in May, she jested about her changing Gaza when one of her fans upright asked her about it.

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