Kim Jong Un is “back, and well” Trump glads to see him

Kim Jong Un is “back, and well,” Trump glads to see him. President Donald Trump said Saturday he was “glad to see” that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is alive and well after vanishing from the public eye for nearly three weeks.

Trump Glads at the return of Kim Jong

On Saturday, North Korean media said Mr. Kim cut a ribbon at a ceremony on Friday to mark the completion of a fertilizer plant. President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday evening that he was happy to see proof Kim Jong Un was alive and well.

Mr. Kim was seen in photographs smiling and talking to aides at the ceremony and also touring the plant. The authenticity of the photos could not be verified.

Kim Jong who was in vegetative state, having a terrible time.

The U.S. government source familiar with intelligence reporting said Washington strongly believes Mr. Kim is alive but has not been able to confirm the photos were taken on Friday, or explain why he had not seen for weeks.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

South Korea’s government repeatedly said they had detected no significant developments across their northern border. Trump, who met Kim three times in 2018 and 2019 in unprecedented but unsuccessful personal attempts to persuade him to give up his nuclear weapons, tweeted on Saturday: “I, for one, am glad to see he is back, and well!”.

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