Kim Kardashian Posted very racy swimsuit pics after sharing a poorly edited photograph

Kim Kardashian Posted very racy gold halter swimsuit pics after sharing a poorly edited photograph.

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Kim Kardashian uploaded a trio of charming pictures on Monday afternoon, in which she wears a very racy gold halter swimsuit with hip cutouts that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The 39-year-old reality star, who recently shared her parenting with Kenya West during quarantine, has now posted a picture Monday posed with her front to a wall for a sexy photo shoot where she dressed in a revealing snakeskin outfit. Zooming in to Kim’s hair, fans noticed her snakeskin manicured fingers poking out of the right side of her head despite both her hands placed against the wall above her. Just after posting a poorly edited pic, she posted a new hot picture in a swimsuit.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

In the photo, Kim sat on the edge of a beach-side veranda at sunset, landed in the essentially side-less and impossibly tiny bathing suit the garment was cinched together with just two straps up at her rib-cage. Kim’s nether regions covered with a thin strip of gold fabric in the photos, and she wore a glitzy diamond choker at the neck.

By posting this picture Kim Kardashian attempt to attract attention away from her previous post that day, which fans noticed was treated rather extensively with Photoshop.

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