King Von shot dead: Shocking facts revealed!

King Von, an up-and-comer in the Chicago drill scene, has died after being involved in a shooting in Atlanta on Friday morning, November 6; he was 26. According to police a fight in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge on Trinity Avenue in the city sparked a shootout between two groups, which eventually led to the death of the upcoming Chicago rapper King Von.

A Snap of Survelliance video showing King Von shot dead
A Snap of Survelliance video showing King Von shot dead

According to the reports from the authorities it is revealed that the shooting held outside a nightclub in Georgia involved an active police participation. With regards to this, the Atlanta police department said that it did not believe the rapper, whose legal name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was shot by police but rather in a shootout preceding police involvement.

“At this time, our investigators believe Mr Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting,” authorities said in a statement.

King Von, the upcoming Chicago Rapper shot dead in Atlanta!

The primary reports state that two groups of males outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge began arguing with each other at around 3.20 am. Two off-duty police officers, who were working an “extra job” at Monaco, were outside the lounge. “The officers were in uniform and a marked [Atlanta police department] vehicle with its blue lights activated for visibility was parked nearby,” authorities said.The dispute “quickly escalated to gunfire between these two groups”, police said.One of the two off-duty officers, as well as an on-duty officer who was working near the lounge, “confronted” the alleged shooters. Police said “shots were fired during the encounter”.Bennett was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle, police said. A total of three people, including Bennett, are said to have died.

King Von
King Von

Von’s death caught the public eye on Friday, first starting as a rumor on Twitter before being confirmed by sources close to the rapper. Later the news was confirmed by Ghazi Shami, the CEO and founder of Empire, Von’s record label with an Instagram tribute this morning.

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However, who is exactly responsible for his death is still debated. Whether the Atlanta Police Department was involved in his death, or that of two other men who were also fatally wounded is something that the investigators are pondering on. This indeed has left the floor of investigation open ended and inactive hitherto.

Von as an excellent artist in the field of Rap music existed in the post-drill landscape of Chicago rap, developed his career by carving his own stylistic aesthetics into the genre. His songs are narrative, with a dead-eye nihilism softened by the humor and empathy brought to his rhymes. One of his biggest hits, 2020’s “Took Her to the O,” from the album Levon James he released back in March has fetched him accolades. Recently his brand new album ‘Welcome to O’Block’ which was released last week was his last contribution which indeed shall be calculated as a celebratory cap in his career as a rapper.

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