KKR player Varun Chakravarthy’s Spotted with A ‘Special’ Tattoo On His Arm

The KKR spinner Varun Chakravarthy is the trending topic of twitter today due to a tattoo reason. Today twitter is heavily trending with #VarunChakravarthy after spotting the player with a special tattoo on his arm. The trending image was found from the snaps, shared by KKR’s official account, welcoming toothpaste brand Colgate as one of their sponsors.

Watch the Brand New Tattoo of Varun Chakravarthy

All of the players were seen with smiles, but when Varun Chakravarthy appeared in one of these pics the focus went on something else. The player was spotted with sleeveless training gear.

The tattoo actually had etched a picture of Tamil film actor Vijay. Vijay is an extremely popular actor in Tamil Nadu, and he has crores of fans within and outside the state. It’s the Vijay fans now making this a trending news.


Last year Varan was one of the most paid IPL players and many of the interviews were taken out. In one of these interviews, Varun proclaimed himself to be a big fan of the ‘Gilli’ actor.

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He even said that he never missed the FDFS (First Day First Show) of his favourite actor. 


He is enjoying a terrific season at KKR being the most consistent bowler for the team. The team and fans are expecting more from him in the coming matches.

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