Kristen Bell speaks highly about her ‘Platonic Bond’ with Dax Shepard!

Kristen Bell speaks highly about her 'Platonic Bond' with Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell speaks highly about her 'Platonic Bond' with Dax Shepard

Valentine’s Day 2021 is fast approaching! The couples and lovers around the world have fastened their belts to celebrate the jubilant love and the ecstatic romance. However, obviously one’s eyes would be in search of how their celebrity role models are enjoying their Valentine’s Day. Here’s Kristen Bell offering a heartwarming love message to her husband Dax Shepard!

Having garnered critical acclaim for her first titular roles in “Gossip Girl,” “Frozen,” and “The Good Place,” Kristen Bell is acknowledged as one of the most popular and loved actresses. Leading a transparent married life with Dax Shepherd, the duo is known for their honest revelations about their love life. Having experienced an immense amount of ups and downs both in their love as well as marital relationship, Bell and Shepherd came out to be successful enough in mending their vow in attaining a ‘Platonic Bond.’

Recently, Bell took to her Instagram to share the current status of her relationship with Shepard, calling it as a ‘Platonic’ one.

Kristen Bell calls Dax Shepard a man with an ‘attractive quality’!

Posting a Tik Tok influencing video by Christi Steyn, the actress wrote:
“@daxshepard , this video reminds me so much of you. Not only do you show me loads of intimacy, a smile always creeps across my face when i hear you get off the horn with one of your tattooed motorcycle buddies and you both say “I love you!” As you end the call. Thank you for being a man who normalized platonic intimacy and shows and tells your friends you love them. It’s a very attractive quality.”

An adorably loving message indeed!

Bell’s eponymous work Frozen is getting ready for yet another franchise! When and Where to watch ‘Frozen 3’ has been at the center of discussion. Also, Bell is set to produce and voice a lead character in the Prime Video animated musical pre-school series Do, Re, & Mi. She will narrate the titular character of the HBO Max teen drama series Gossip Girl. The series serves as a soft reboot and sequel to the 2007 series of the same, which Bell also narrated. Bell will also star alongside Kirby Howell-Baptiste as a pair of housewives who create a multi-million dollar coupon scam in the comedy film Queenpins.