Josie Huang, Los Angeles Reporter wrote about Her Arrest on 13 September

Josie Huang, Los Angeles reporter was arrested on Saturday night while covering a protest outside St. Francis Medical Centre in Lynwood. After the night shooting of two LA sheriffs, people gathered outside St. Francis Medical Centre, Where the sheriffs were taken for medical care. Emergency entrance and the exit to the hospital was blocked by the crowd and they chanted, “We hope they die”, according to the sheriff’s department said in a tweet.

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Josie Huang, an award-winning journalist, was arrested for the charge of obstructing justice. Huang wrote on Twitter after her release, how she was arrested, and about the cruelty, she had to endure.

Josie Huang wrote on Twitter after Release

“Last night I was arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer by @LASDHQ after videotaping their interactions with protesters in Lynwood. This is what I remember and what I have on video and audio.” 

“I was at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood last night covering a press conference led by Sheriff Villanueva about the shooting of two deputies. One of the deputies is a mom of a 6 year-old. I felt my chest tighten thinking about the little boy.”

“After the press conference, I went to my car in the hospital garage and was tying things up on the phone with 1 of my editors. It was almost 11 pm. Then I heard loud shouting outside the garage, so I went to check things out. I had on a lanyard around my neck with a press ID.”

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“A handful of men were on the sidewalk. A couple were carrying large flags. Others were filming deputies and taunting them. One deputy pointed a weapon at the protesters. I started filming on my phone, standing off to the side. No one took issue with me being there.”

“I texted the video to the editors. When I looked up from my phone, the small group of men had dispersed & deputies were following at least 1 man down the street. I walked behind, using the zoom on my camera so I could keep physical distance. A couple deputies looked at me as I filmed.”

I saw a commotion ahead of me. Deputies rushed one man and chased another. I was filming an arrest when suddenly deputies shout “back up.”  Within seconds, I was getting shoved around. There was nowhere to back up.”

“Somehow I was able to start a new video right away. You see my phone clatter to the ground and I start shouting “I’m a reporter…I’m with KPCC.” I scream for help from the TV reporters I know are around the corner doing their 11 p.m. live hits”

Los Angeles Reporter Josie Huang wrote about her Arrest
Los Angeles Reporter Josie Huang wrote about her Arrest

“After my phone drops, it keeps recording and it captures two deputies damaging my phone by kicking and stepping on it. I can hear myself in the background shouting: “You guys are hurting me” and “Stop it.” It feels very out-of-body to play this back.”

“I was put in the back of a patrol car — the start of some 5 hours in LASD custody that began with the deputy refusing to uncuff me so I could put my face covering back on, telling me I just had a “scrape” when I was bleeding from my foot and not giving me back a shoe”, Josie Huang wrote on Twitter.

Josie Huang has been released from LA county jail yesterday.

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