‘Let’s control the controllables’ : Inspiring Message from Dwayne Johnson!

As usual, Dwayne Johnson , alias ‘The Rock’ recently made use of his social media platform to deliver an optimistic thought to his fans. His words were incredibly inspiring and carried the potential to instigate positive thoughts in the listeners.

Watch the Inspirational Speech by Dwayne Johnson 

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic the lives has been turned topsy turvy. But here’s Dwayne Johnson to ward off its negativities with afistfull of motivational words before his followers. He began his video by expressing his wholehearted gratitude towards all his well-wishers for their dedicated support. ‘As we head into the last chord of this year I am incredibly motivated and u guys are too, to finish this year stong and to be optimistic as possible, to be productive as possible, to be positive as possible’-said the star.

Optimistic thoughts by Dwayne Johson kept his fans alive!

He also said that we must be rooted in our aims and ambitions to meet with our productivity which we failed to accomplish in the past one year. He also acknowledged about the great loss that we came across in 2020 under the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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“Let’s finish 2020 on a strong, positive uptick I know you all feel the same way as this year has been such a kick in the gut, but I’m determined to “control the controllables” and do all we can to finish this year on an optimistic note where ambition, positivity and productivity converge. 

And THANK YOU for the support. I’ll always deliver quality, value, and a little inspiration and motivation along the way for you. Stay healthy, my friends and remember – the best thing about effort – is we are always in 100% control of it.”- wrote the star.

Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe
Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe

He said that he is determined to end this year on a positive upstick so as to begin anew in 2021. In the wake of the upcoming year he also promised that he would come up with new consumer products with value,inspiration and motivation. ‘He concluded his video with the end note ‘Stay committed to your health, fitness and wellness. Because it matters’-which was indeed a stimulating one.     

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