Limited Offer: ‘Clanlands’ by the ‘Outlander’ star ‘Sam Heughan’ is now available in Amazon with a huge price drop

The ‘Outlander’ fame Sam Heughan’s signature creation ‘Clanlands’ shall be now available for all kindle users out there! The epic literary creation by Sam Heughans and Graham McTavish (who plays the role of his uncle in the historic drama series ‘Outlander) has been opted by Amazon for their Kindle promotion. The first shot of this happy news was shared by the actor himself through his official Instagram page.

“Great news! Clanlands has been selected by for a KINDLE promotion. So for US readers, for TODAY only via, the kindle edition will be reduced in price to $2.99!! @amazonkindle @amazon,” posted Sam Heughans.

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According to the post, ‘Clanlands’ shall have a special price drop as it is chosen by Amazon for Kindle promotion. Sam Heughan has specifically mentioned that the offer is limited for today, thereby has asked us to make haste so as to ensure our personal copy. However, the offer is only available for the US readers and this clause has thrown the non-Us citizens to endless dismay.

‘Clandlands’ Offer: Make haste and ensure your copy

Following the post the actor also shared the direct link to, making our task easier.

Of late, the Outlander fame Sam Heughan has won many hearts with his philanthropic activities in his charity organisation ‘My Peak Challenge 2021’. Now he has set his mission to slay the book worms with his ever charming words and literary charisma through his book ‘Clanlands’.

'Clanlands' by the 'Outlander' star 'Sam Heughan' is now available in Amazon with a huge price drop
‘Clanlands’ by the ‘Outlander’ star ‘Sam Heughan’ is now available in Amazon with a huge price drop

To speak more about ‘Clanlands,’ the book, titled Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other is a combined effort of both Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, which was officially published on November 3rd 2020. The book narrates the story of these two bantering buddies, their rollicking journey through the Scottish Highlands with specific reference to their personal histories, offering a sneak peek into the ‘Outlander’ life as a whole. It is primarily acknowledged and appreciated for the humongous amount of historical details about the Scottish highlands  offering a wild ride through the anonymous and lesser known pages of Scottish history. Exploring a land of raw beauty, poetry, feuding, music, history, and warfare, the duo has come up with a masterpiece which shall help the readers to unfold the complicated, rich history and culture of Scotland. A priceless gem indeed!

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