Liu Yifei shares her memories during the production of Mulan

Liu Yifei, Chinese-born American actress played Mulan in the Walt Disney Company’s live-action film Mulan.

Walt Disney Pictures’ live action movie Mulan, which was recently premiered on Disney Plus, directed by Niki Caro and produced by Chris Bender, Tendo Nagenda, Jason T. Reed and Jake Weiner was released on September 4 this year through Disney+. The film received positive reviews for its action sequences, visuals, and performances while it got criticized for the screenplay.

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Liu Yifei, who played the role Mulan in the movie shared her experience during the production of the film through Twitter. 

She first wrote about the shooting in Hua family. She says it was so special and the set details helped her to put her into the soul of the character. “Shooting in Hua family home was so special. I am a visual actor so the set details help take me to another world. In between filming I would often stay on set to take it all in.”

Through another post she shared her first day experience. She praised the production design which made her feel like living back in the real Mulan time.

Liu Yifei - Mulan
Liu Yifei – Mulan

She wrote “this scene where I’m getting ready for the matchmaker was day 1 of shooting but it was actually day 0 (last day of pre-production) because of our tight shooting schedule. I loved the production design … really made me feel like I’m living back in that time.”

She then described about Donnie Yen, the experience Liu Yifei had shooting with Donnen. She wrote on Twitter about Donnie Yen “Donnie is a really talented actor and martial artist. He was everybody’s idol on set and his sword work made everyone go wow. He’s also a great guy with a fun sense of humor.”

Liu Yifei also wrote about GongLi, praising her for the energy she gave to the scenes and to her character too.

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