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    Lock Your Horns With “Corona” and Lift Your Mood By Watching these “Survival Movies”

    All being stuck indoor by getting quarantined at home for the anticipated future, and combating COVID-19 pandemic situation- which makes many getting bored quickly and it’s a disheartening prospect. Hence to bring all out of this morose there are ample activities to come out of it- watching survival movies would be one of the best option, something that will gift a motivation to cope with the present stranded situation.

    Take advantage of your free time watching survival movies which makes you energetic and gives self-motivation from the cooped up situation, with the comfort of your sofa in your living room. Here is the list of popular Survival movies jotted down – check out:

    Cast way:

    Cast way
    Tom Hanks, Cast way

    It’s a 2000 American survival movie directed and produced by Robert Zemeckis. The movie portrays a Fed ex-employee, trapped on an uninhabited island as his plane crashes and his anguish attempts to survive on the island.



    A 2013 science fiction thriller directed by Alfonso. Its a story of two astronauts deserted in the space.

    Lone survivor:

    Lone survivor
    Lone survivor

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    An American military action movie was written and directed by Peter Berg. A story dramatizing the situation of war in Afghanistan. A team start out to seize or kill the Taliban Ahmad shah a notorious criminal.

    Captain Phillips:

    Captain Phillips
    Captain Phillips

    A biological drama thriller directed by Paul Green grass. A film based on a true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking. The first American cargo ship to be hijacked. The trailer is as follows:

    Gran Paradiso:

    Gran Paradiso
    Gran Paradiso

    An adventurous film directed by Miguel Alexandre. A boy is a victim of Paraplegic disease confined in a wheelchair. His greatest impossible dream to climb the snow-capped mountain Gran Paradiso.

    Stay Home Stay Safe.

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