Lockdown 2021: Anne Hathaway Is Back With Another Romantic Comedy

Anne Hathaway Might Hit A career Breakthrough Through Lockdown 2021

Director of the superhit movie The wall 2017 back in town with academy award-nominated Anne Hathaway with another romantic comedy movie named Lockdown. Creator of the prestigious show who wants to be a millionaire and scriptwriter of the renowned movies hummingbird and dirty pretty things British writer and producer Steven Knight is the writer of Lockdown.   

The promise of the movie is roughly based on A quarrelling couple make peace in order to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and pull off a jewellery heist at the department store Harrods. Anne Hathaway previously acted in heist movies including Ocean 8 along with Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Aquafina and Mindy Kaling. The next year she again appeared in a con artist role in the movie The Hustle along with the Australian sweetheart Rebel Wilson. The movie was a flop but Anne shined through it as an actor. 

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The upcoming movie lockdown is quite on top of expectation since her last two movies are box office flops. 

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