Lockdown Theatre: Emilia Clarke to help the artists!

The COVID-19 pandemic with its unexpected entry continues to create an immense blow to the lives of millions, particularly the artists. But here’s Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons suggesting a new remedy to save the helpless artists who are going through the dark days of their life.

Watch the Stunning Performance of Emilia Clarke

The recent Instagram post shared by the actress officially announced her collaborative venture with ‘The Royal Theatrical and several Fund’ and several other dignitaries which is solely aimed at entertaining the incapacitated artists. The project seems to be indeed ‘magical’ as she puts it. A virtual space is set up where they have planned to carry out a play reading together as a means to escape the villany of lockdown hardships.


Well would you look at this MAGICAL cast of acting LEGENDS….In light of more lockdowns we decided it might be fun to do a play reading together, Inspector Hound to be precise. And so on Sunday 25th at 7pm we shall be reading aloud, for your pleasure, this magnificent piece of work.

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Tickets are £35 and all proceeds go to the magnificent@royaltheatricalfund which continues to help artists in need in these bloody frightening days. Please do tune in if you fancy a farce come to life through the power of zoom that I guarantee will have you L-O-L-ing….

Emilia Clarke to read ‘The Real Inspector Hound’!

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke

The new endeavour is scheduled to be launched on October 25th 2020 Sunday at 7pm where the group artists shall be reading the play ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ by the esteemed playwright ‘Tom Stoppard’. The Session shall be aired through zoom. Also the actress has provided her followers with the link to ensure an easy access to buy the tickets.

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