Logic Pro X 10.5: What is so special about it?

Logic Pro X 10.5 is featured as a massive release for musicians and producers immediately after the update revealed by Apple. The major attraction of the update is the professional Live Loop, a wholly redesigned workstation accompanied by Remix Effect, Step Sequencer, Drum Synth, and Quick Sampler.

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Expert musicians and Grammy award-winning producers are super excited about the release of the update, which shows the significance of Logic Pro X 10.5. “Logic Pro X has always been my one and only DAW. The workflow is unmatched, and the built-in sound libraries have been essential to my music from the beginning. Now with the addition of Quick Sampler and Drum Machine Designer, I’m getting back hours I used to spend in the studio building sounds and kits. This lets me spend more time writing new verses and editing 70-take vocals.” — Finneas O’Connell, Grammy Award-winning producer: Billie Eilish, “Bad Guy” and the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

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The update focuses mainly on hip hop and electronic music workflows. Live loops, which is the main highlight of Logic Pro X 10.5, has the best arrangements including left and right arrow keys for the multiple sound selection, an option for importing any audio file is also made possible. The update paves the way for producing music in full freedom. The gravity of the Remix effect is well known for all pros of musicians that has become a part of the update.

Logic Pro X 10.5
Logic Pro X 10.5

The new dedicated editor in Logic is the Step Sequencer, makes music composing a fascinating task. Dozens of inbuilt beats are included. It has robust editing options along with randomizing. Various drum sounds generated by the software and sound-shaping controls are present in Drum Synth. Drum Machine Designer, which helps to build electronic drum kits, Sampler to edit and create complex and multi-sampled instruments, enhances the integration of new workflows.

Log Pro X uses the latest Mac hardware and the power of macOS. All the existing users will get the update for free, but the new customers need to buy it from the Mac App store for 199.99 US dollars.

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