Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 spoilers? Is Chloe Dekker ‘not human’? Chloe to reveal her ‘real face’?

Lucifer season 5 has successfully completed its part 1! With its cliffhanger ending, Lucifer Season 5 part 1 has caused uneasiness in the fans who are restlessly waiting for the release of part two. Now the wait is over for all ‘Lucifer’ worshipers. ‘Lucifer Season 5’ part two is all set to release soon! But when? We shall find the answer here!

As per the latest reports, the official Twitter account for the Netflix series appears to have dropped a pretty big spoiler about what’s about to go down. “the word around hell’s campfire is that in 5B, will get his *** from ***,” the show posted to Twitter (December 3), leaving fans debating the words behind the asterisks.

Lucifer Season 6 release date
Lucifer Season 6 release date

Lucifer wrapped up the first half of its fifth run back in August, and these eight episodes followed Lucifer as he returned to Hell and dealt with his new responsibilities away from Earth. Leaving fans on a particularly cruel cliff-hanger after a face-off between Lucifer, Amenadiel, Michael, and Maze, Lucifer Season 5 part 2 is all set to go for another journey of war between heaven and earth! As to be expected in a supernatural series, God himself interrupted the fight, only to express his disapproval with his fighting children. Now, according to a brand new clue, it appears God’s involvement is only just beginning.

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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Episode titles and details are here!

As far as the episode numbers and titles are concerned, the details are as follows:

Episode Nine: Family Dinner. Written by Joe Henderson and directed by Nathan Hope
Episode 10: Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Written by Ildy Modrovich and directed by Sherwin Shilati.
Episode 11: Resting Devil Face. Written by Mira Z Barnum, Joshua Duckworth, and Richardo Lopez Jr and directed by Bola Ogun
Episode 12: Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid. Written by Mike Costa and directed by Greg BeemanEpisode 13: A Little Harmless Stalking. Written by Julia Fontana and Jen Graham Imada and directed by Richard Speight, Jr.
Episode 14: Nothing Lasts Forever. Written by Chris Rafferty and directed by Lisa Demaine
Episode 15: Is This Really How It’s Going to End?! Written by Jason Ning and directed by Ildy Modrovich
Episode 16: A Chance At a Happy Ending. Written by Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich and directed by Karen Gaviola

tom ellis
tom ellis

But where shall we locate the only ‘human face’ here? Yes! The question is about Chloe. One of the biggest mysteries remaining in Lucifer is how Chloe and Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) can remain together.As fans will know, Lucifer is an immortal being while Chloe is a human in the show.This is why some fans have begun wondering if there might be more to Chloe than they realized.

She made an appearance following the show’s cancellation at FOX where she hinted there was more to Chloe’s story.

During the event, she said: “I think we were going in the direction that Chloe might not be human so you know, there’s a reason why Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe.“We don’t know that reason yet. Chloe is the only person who isn’t susceptible to his charm, his what we call mojo, where it’s like a truth serum where people don’t have a chance.“So I think I am most likely from another world. If the show went like six to seven seasons, I think Chloe would end up being something else than a human.”

Though its an assumption, the possibility cannot be denied.

With ‘Lucifer season 5 part two’ under cover, there do exist rumors about the release date of ‘Lucifer Season 6‘ as well!

But the release date of ‘Lucifer Season 5’ part two is not yet officially confirmed. However, recent reports state that it may be released by February 2021. Let us wait and watch!

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