Lucifer Season 6 to premiere soon? Is this the final season? Here’s the release date!

With its cliffhanger ending in ‘Lucifer Season 5’ part 1, the ‘Lucifer fans’ were put on tenterhooks regarding the major events that are to unfold in ‘Lucifer Season 5 Part 2’. As fans wait for Lucifer season 5 part two to hit Netflix in the wake of coronavirus delays, some intriguing tidbits are already released regarding ‘Lucifer Season 6’. Let’s find out more about it.

Along with the long-awaited anticipation for the release date, the Lucifer fans are also excited to find out exactly how the hit devilish drama will come to an end in season six. Recently, the LUCIFER fans were given a sneak peek behind the scenes of season six through the leading star of the series Tom Ellis’s latest video post on his personal Instagram page and this has made them all the more anxious.

tom ellis as lucifer
tom ellis as lucifer

Filmed by set costumer and photographer Joshua Coleman, the new video follows the devilish star as he takes a bike ride through Warner Brothers Studios in California.

Ellis captioned the post: “A quick tour of my journey to set courtesy of the ever imaginative @joshstyle.”

Back in July, Netflix confirmed the show would be returning for one final season to tie up all of the loose ends.

The sixth season is currently being filmed on set in Los Angeles with stars like Tom Ellis and Lauren German returning.

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Not too much has been confirmed about what will happen next on the show yet as the second half of season five is still to air.

Lucifer Season 6: Details about the number of episodes and their titles are out now!

Season 5 Lucifer
Season 5 Lucifer

However, there are spoilers brewing up about the possibilities of upcoming major events in ‘Lucifer Season 6’. Ella Lopez (played by Aimee Garcia) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) could undergo their biggest changes yet, after comments were made by the two main cast members.Both the forensic investigator and the angelic brother of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) faced tough challenges in the first half of the popular fantasy drama’s fifth season.As Amenadiel struggled with the responsibilities of fatherhood, Ella’s dorky new boyfriend turned out to be a sadistic serial killer.Now Lucifer’s father, God (Dennis Haysbert) is finally on the scene, it’s unknown what the upcoming family reunion will mean for Lucifer’s earthbound friends.

The 'real face' of Chloe Dekker in 'Lucifer season 5 part two'
The ‘real face’ of Chloe Dekker in ‘Lucifer season 5 part two’

With potentially millions of subscribers tuning into Lucifer’s last 16 episodes, the devil’s glorious return is set to be one of next year’s biggest TV events.

Both Woodside and Garcia confirmed the season six renewal came as a great relief, giving the writers a chance to do justice to each character’s ongoing story arcs.

The Amenadiel star added: “The ending that they had planned, now they’re just going to stretch it out a little bit, and allow all of our characters some space and room to breathe and maybe even tell some more stories about each of the characters.”

Lucifer Cast
Lucifer Cast

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. It is based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg taken from the comic book series The Sandman. The series revolves around the story of Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub named LUX and becomes a consultant to the LAPD.

Having run 5 and a half seasons so far, the viewership and popularity achieved by the series is massive and matchless. Now its the turn for Season 6. Let us stay tuned!

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