Marie Osmond fell on stage during a performance at Las Vegas!

Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is the Epitome of “the show must go on.”

The “Talk” co-host revealed about falling on stage during her Las Vegas “Donny and Marie” residency performances last week, her knee got injured.

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Video from the concert clarifies that Osmond telling her brother, “I can’t walk … I think I broke my knee. … I did it once before and I just did it a second time.”

“It’s underneath the kneecap, I chipped off a piece,” Osmond said. “So I probably won’t be dancing a lot but I can sing.”

She promised fans that nevertheless of her injury, she would be present during the last week of shows for “Donny and Marie.”

“This is the last week of shows at the Flamingo. So for those of you that have bought tickets for that last week, I will be there,” Osmond told.

“Donny was so sweet. He told, ‘Marie, I can handle the last week,’ and I told, ‘I think they want to see Donny and Marie,’ ” she said.

“I’m always okay, and you know, it’s just interesting that it would be so close together. I’ve never fallen before,” Osmond added. “I think maybe the knee was a little bit not as strong. I probably should have been wearing my brace.

But as I made that turn my boot stuck on the floor and then I wasn’t able to turn and I just went down.”

This isn’t the initial time Osmond has injured on stage. The performer fell down in September and badly injured her knees.

The showbiz veteran didn’t let her injury mess with her hosting duties, because she made it to California in time to film.

“Look at my knees,” she speaks from her “Talk” dressing room, where she iced her bruises. “I actually did this at the Flamingo dancing with Donny last night, but I’m going to be there tonight! Yes, I am. I got to get on a plane.”

Osmond is responsible for her duties at the CBS daytime talk show and her Vegas show until the end of this week when the singing siblings’ residency stops after 11 years.