“There is a deep sickness in this country,” Mark Ruffalo says

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday for the murder of two people during a third straight night of protesters in Kenosha over the police shootingof Jacob Blake.

American actor and producer Mark Ruffalo, who recently criticized Trump administration are fed up with conditions in the US. He expressed his serious opposition to the civilians walking with guns and murdering Americans. He posted on Twitter “There is a deep sickness in this country.

Watch: Reality behind Jacob Blake’s Death

It’s all on display for all of us to see with our own eyes. Cold-blooded murderers, Assholes with guns walking around murdering Americans practising! amendment rights. Cops killing black people in cold blood. Who are we going to be?”

Other Retweets by Mark Ruffalo

He retweeted Kristen Clarke’s tweet which shows the discriminations and inequalities in both the cases of Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse. She wrote “An unarmed Jacob Blake walks to his car w/kids inside and is shot at point-blank range in the back in broad daylight”; “A white man brandishing an AR-15 received water, words of praise and is extended the privilege of just walking past cops after firing a hail of bullets.”


Mark Ruffalo retweeted another tweet regarding the Kenosha incidents. He shared Stephen King’s tweet in which he mentions the Kenosha shooter was in the front row of aTrump rally in Des Moines. He accuses that Trump’s “hate-filled” and divisive rhetoric is causing the violence in our cities.

Mark then retweeted several other twitter posts regarding Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s attempt to justify the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse. Carlson says Kyle is justified for his actions, cause he was “trying to maintain order when no else would”.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been taken into custody in Illinois on suspicion for first -degree intentional homicide in the attack Tuesday.

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