MasterMind of Google Pixel Camera left Google

The MasterMind of the Google Pixel camera team “Marc Levoy” left Google in March comes after Former CEO Eric Schmidt, who left Google in February.

Eric Schmidt, the man who led Google’s transformation from a startup to the world’s largest search engine, has left the firm. Reportedly, Schmidt left in February three years after he said he would step down. “Eric Schmidt left Google in February this year, according to the CNET report.”

Head of Google Pixel Camera team

Levoy is best known for being a pioneer in computational photography, which has allowed Pixel phones to do such amazing things as Night Sight mode, as well as Super Res zoom without a telephoto lens. Levoy was on stage last year when Google unveiled the Pixel 4 and talked extensively about its camera prowess before departing the company just a few months later.

Impacts of Google Pixel Camera without Levoy

The impact on him leaving the Pixel camera team is going to be noticeable and is a massive blow to the Pixel camera team. The report also sheds light on how unhappy Google’s head of hardware Rick Osterloh was with the Pixel 4. Rick expressed his disappointment with the battery power and some of the other decisions related to the device in an all-hands meeting before the phone’s launch last year.

Eric Schmidt left Google
Eric Schmidt left Google

Google’s latest phone, Pixel 4a, was rumored to be announced during its annual I/O event, which canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not clear how or when Google will officially unveil the phone, but several images and videos of the Pixel 4a have leaked online, and the device is said to start at $399 much lower than the Pixel 4.

Neither Levoy nor Google commented upon the move. Further, there is no reason behind the left of Eric Schmidt.

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