Max Landis Alleged for sexual abuse

We all know about Max Landis, a well-known screenwriter.  He has written some of the best scripts of Hollywood films. Some of them are the American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein, Bright, and Chronicle. He has some of the best screenplays which gave him more than 3 million in profits. One of them is Netflix’s “Bright” in the year 2016. Other than that the “Deeper” which was an oceanic thriller gave him a huge success in the year 2015.

Now eight women have blamed him of emotionally and sexually abusing them. Among them, one has accused that he apparently wanted to kill her. Ani Baker an actress who was his ex-girlfriend posted on social platform referring to him that how vicious person he is. Apart from her another actress name Whitney Moore also posted on the social platform about her own thoughts regarding Max Landis. She too admitted that how terrible and coldhearted things he can do to someone.

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For Max Landis, it’s not the first time that he is facing such kinds of allegations. In 2017 thorough voracious behavior was subjected against him. Many women spoke to the popular “The Daily Beast” regarding it and giving a descriptive experience about themselves with Landis.

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As per to a report by “The Daily Beast” Max Landis was seen in the Miami circuit court. He was accused of Domestic violence. The case for by a woman named Callie Ray. She raised a sexual assault accusation and on the long run, she dropped the case due to some reason. Another report has been published by the “The Daily Beast” that after performing detailed review Max Landis was removed from the position of a producer for the upcoming movie “Shadow in the Cloud” by Chloe Grace Moretz. This particular decision was made after the publication of the serious matter on Tuesday.

Max Landis
Max Landis

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