May 4 settles to redefine American Automobiles

The America Auto Industry, which had a colossal loss in the previous month, becomes all set to start its work in the market.

The automakers have reduced their salaries to stay in business. They plan to make up with the loss and are hoping to restart their business on May 4.

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Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda are the companies planning on May 4.

Ford, which recently decided to recall 3 million vehicles for Air Bags for a cost of $610 million, now plans to reopen its Louisville factory on a two-shift. But the plan is very tentative, though. The company announced it would start producing face masks and provide it to their factory workers.

Nissan has decided to halt as the company had dismissed 10,000 employees at its plant in Tennessee and Mississippi. They said they would stop until mid-May.

American Automotives to Reopen
American Automotives to Reopen

The big issue has been the lack of car sales, and not surprisingly, car sales have dropped, which is leading to a massive crisis in the Automotive industry. New car registrations have fallen by around 52% in Europe.

The chances of reopening on May 4 are low, but there is still a chance.

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