Media to be barred from Republic convention

Republic National Convention to be held private. The media will be barred from the Republic National Convention, where Donald Trump will be renominated as the presidential candidate this month. This move is to reduce the people present, thus to prevent the risk of spreading the Covid-19, which has infected 4 million Americans and killed more than 145,000.

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As Nominating conventions are traditionally meant to be media jackpots, political parties utilize the attention the events draw to spread the message to as many voters as possible. If the Republic National Party decision stands, it will be the first party nominating convention to be held closed to reporters in modern history.

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On August 24, delegates of Republicans are scheduled to gather in Charlotte to renominate Trump as the presidential candidate for the GOP. The convention and the voting will be live-streamed. The convention will reduce the number of delegates from 2,550 to 336 delegates.

RNC convention spokeswoman told on Saturday, due to the restrictions protocols in place within NorthCarolina, they are planning the Charlotte activities to be held without any press. She also added that they would inform if there is any change regarding the number of people who can attend the events. Trump Called off the public conventions in Jacksonville last month, citing the Covid-19 virus across the country.

Some GOP delegates have raised logistical issues with traveling to either city, citing the quarantine restrictions in place.

Medias to be banned from Republic convention
Medias to be banned from Republic convention

An RNC official told CNN that there wouldn’t be a public speech, Trump will most likely thank the delegates in private, without media present.

Zeke Miller, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, through his tweet, called the move to be an “ill-advised decision,” and the RNC should reconsider.

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