‘Megan Is Missing’ Exclusive Review:Who is Megan? Photos and News revealed!

For the past couple of hours, the eery, spine chilling thriller ‘Megan is Missing’ has mustered a strong media presence worldwide. The social media platform is inundated with umpteen number of questions regarding the authenticity behind the character Megan as well the reality of actions involved. Is there a real Megan? If yes, who is she? What has happened to her? are a few questions that are to be answered first.

Directed by Michele Goi, the movie, right from its inception, was at the center of discussion due to its graphic depictions of sexual and physical violence, along with its objectifying depictions of underage women. Cinematographied in a found footage style, ‘Megan Is Missing’ tells the story of two teenage best friends, Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) and Amy Herman (Amber Perkins) in North Hollywood, Calif. After Megan begins talking to a boy she met online, she disappears, leading Amy down a treacherous path in hopes of finding her. Being a psychological thriller in every sense the movie ‘Megan Is Missing’ was also put under constant scrutiny to investigate about the reasons behind it being so scary. But above all these obscurities, Is there a real Megan was something that the viewers were inquisitive about.

Who is Megan in Megan is Missing
Who is Megan in Megan is Missing

‘Megan Is Missing’: The identity of Megan revealed?

Well, according to the recent reports there is no such character name Megan in real.While Goi based his film on real-life child abductions, Megan Is Missing is itself not a real story or based on one specific tale. But viewers wouldn’t be faulted for thinking the events in the film really happened, as it marketed itself as based on true events. And despite much criticism against it, it received an endorsement from Marc Klaas, the father of a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in 1993.

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However, the character of Megan can be pictured as a prototype of all those mute victims out there who has been constantly hunted down by the sexual maniacs of the society. Also the director was valiant enough to make the movie as realistic as possible to infuse awareness among the society about the demonic reality behind the sexual abuses and the queasy, anchorless lives of the victims who fall for it. Nauseating yet insightful motive behind the movie has to be appreciated.

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