‘Megan is Missing’: Why is it so scary?

‘Megan is Missing’ seems to be at its peak! The horror thriller released in 2011, recently received a collective viewership which increased its popularity among the thriller lovers. But is it too scary? What are the factors which caused it to win the title as a horror movie has to be pondered about.

Recently the movie got streamlined via Tik Tok and Twitter and that has caused a spine-chilling impact on all the viewers worldwide. Basically, the story plot is all about the traumatic and socially relevant issues about sexual abuse and missing cases that are highly rampant in the current society. But the newly popped up rumors about the movie being based on the real-life incident have put the crowd under a constant threat.

Who is Megan in Megan is Missing
Who is Megan in Megan is Missing

Directed by Michael Goi, the psychological horror film was purposely filmed in a “found footage” style and chronicles the days leading up to the disappearance of Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn). After Megan set off to meet up with a boy she was chatting with online, the popular high school student goes missing, encouraging her best friend Amy (Amber Perkins) to launch an investigation.

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The Scary thriller ‘Megan is Missing’ causes a hue and cry!

While Goi was inspired by real life cases of child abduction, an unfortunate occurrence that happens frequently in our world, it is not completely based on any particular case. The film is meant to serve as a cautionary tale to teens and parents. It was shot in 2006 but did not find distribution until Anchor Bay Films released it on DVD in 2011. The film has become so controversial, with some viewers finding it to be so disturbing that New Zealand has banned the film altogether. Critics of the movie have complained that the horror flick is extremely graphic, violent and over sexualizes teen girls. Some have even claimed that it is unnecessarily exploitative in general.

Megan Fox and Ex Brian Austin with kids
Megan Fox and Ex Brian Austin with kids

One faction argue that it is the explicit showcasing of violence and porn infused element that has caused the movie to be branded as scary. But there exist yet another group of people who debates over the fact that the extraordinary and explicit cinematographic technique like ‘found footage’ style might be the reason that has caused it to be spooky in nature.

Film scholar Alexander Heller Nicholas also came up critiquing the movie. “Goi’s motive was unquestionably positive — he’s a good guy who really wanted to save kids’ lives — but that didn’t stop Megan Is Missing from being dismissed as torture porn: ultimately, it still looks and feels like an exploitation film,” said the scholar.

These might have been some reasons why the movie got banned in several countries including New Zealand. Also,the augmented scary aura of the movie has prevented it from famous OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Prime video and caused it to be limited to YouTube alone and that too on rent.

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