Megan Nicole turns 27 Today

Megan Nicole is an American singer and songwriter born in 1993, today Megan is celebrating her 27th Birthday. She is also an actress who debuted on youtube in the year 2009. 

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As the singer is celebrating the birthday today, herself had posted an image at Instagram and Twitter describing it as “Birthday ready”.

Earlier in 2016, Megan did a guest star role in Netflix animated kids’ series “Popples,” which was based on the 1980s-era toy line of fluffy multicoloured creatures.

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Megan Nicole made her animated debut as Squeaky Pop in the episode “Fallen Pop Idol” in season two of “Popples” and had lent her voice to the original song “Together With My Friends.” The 10-episode second season of “Popples,” produced under a licensing pact with Saban Brands, was premiered worldwide on Netflix on March 11, 2016.

Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole

“I’m so excited to be a part of ‘Popples’ and lend my voice for a great original song and a cool new character in the series,” Megan Nicole said in a statement.

The 22-year-old singer has 4.2 million subscribers for her YouTube channel, attracting fans with covers of pop hits starting from 2009.

In March 2017, Nicole became engaged to Cooper Green. They were married on July 1, 2017

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