Melania Trump turns 50 Birthday Gift and daily routine revealed

Melania Trump is known for being First Lady of the United States as well as being a formerly successful model. Today, the FLOTUS turns 50, marking a huge milestone in her life. Melania Trump has changed a few things in herself upon entering The White House.

Melania Trump Birthday Bash: Watch the Visuals

A voice and speech expert reportedly said that her tone is now “more controlled.”When Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, his wife, Melania Trump, automatically became the First Lady of the United States. While the President assumed his office in early 2017, it took five more months before Melania moved into the White House and assumed her office at the East Wing. Her decision to stay in New York despite her husband’s move into the White House became controversial. It says that she changed the dynamic as she has broken the tradition.

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Today, the First Lady is celebrating her 50th birthday at home in the White House. Here’s a glimpse into Melania’s daily routine so you can look as good as the First Lady in lock down. According to The Washington Post, not only is Melania an early riser, but she sleeps in a separate bed to her husband, Trump. She wakes up at around 5.30 am, which is the same time as the President.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump
Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Before lockdown, she would then get her 14-year-old son Barron ready for school. But now her son is working from home due to the coronavirus lockdown. Melania has often considered looking after her teenage son to be her “first job,” according to Parenting. She ensures he has his homework in his backpack, gets him up for school, and also makes his breakfast and school lunch.

When the Trump family lived in New York, Melania would even drop him off and pick him up from school. Melania gets “happy birthday” zip codes, email addresses, and mobile numbers of 1 million Americans as a birthday gift.” The gift of Melania is birthday wishes from a million Americans. The card-and-flowers combination is a popular birthday gift of first ladies, and Melania received it in her last birthday.

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