Microsoft Word and PowerPoint surprised iPad users

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint get Multiple view support on Apple iPad. Apple reveals they couldn’t find any evidence for the recently detected security flaws in the native iOS Mail app that shows vulnerability to hackers.

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Multiple view feature allow users to open two documents simultaneously side-by-side. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, use them in Split View with other apps.

Microsoft released a significant update

Microsoft had released a significant update to its Word and PowerPoint apps that are possible in Apple’s App Store. Apple had introduced the capacity for apps to create multiple windows with iPadOS 13.

To create split-view in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

All built-in apps in iPadOS allow users to create various occurrences. All iPad users need to do is drag and drop the slider in the middle of the screen to either the right or the left side of the screen to close one of the opened documents. Doing so will allow the other text to take over the screen.

Microsoft planning to update Office for iPad

Microsoft is also planning to update Office for iPad with support for Apple’s latest iPadOS track-pad and mouse support. But these are not yet available. Basic track-pad functionality is present, but Microsoft still has some work to do to roll out support for the complete set of track-pad features.

Apple amazed everyone with cursor support in iPadOS back in March, and developers are now rushing to update their iPad apps.