Miss USA 2020 Highlights: A few takeaways from Cheslie Chryst!

Miss USA 2020 takeaways from Cheslie Chryst
Miss USA 2020 takeaways from Cheslie Chryst

When beauty and brains met,the Miss USA 2020 crown was bestowed to the rightful owner! After a series of tiring political battles held in connection with the US Elections 2020, the entire state reclined over their sofas to prepare themselves for yet another nationwide race. Yes! Its the Miss USA 2020! The whole state was anxiously waiting to know about the successor of Cheslie Chryst and her it came. Ki’ilani Arruda!

The competition was aired live from Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Originally slated for this past spring, it was delayed by COVID-19 lock downs. The beauty event took place soon after Friday’s preliminary competition, which featured formal wear and two-piece swimsuits. This year’s Miss USA included 51 competitors representing all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. Though it began with a dozens of women, they were later narrowed down to 16 lucky finalists from which the title winner Ki’ilani Arruda was chosen and crowned as Miss USA 2020.After a series of rigorous competitions when Ki’ilani Arruda of Kauai, Hawaii, was crowned Miss Teen USA on Saturday, she garnered the title as the second Hawaiian to win the annual competition.

Miss USA 2020: Who is the successor of Cheslie Chryst!

Arruda, 18, is a freshman at the University of Puget Sound studying molecular and cellular biology and hopes to become a dermatologist, according to Miss Hawaii USA’s website. It was her younger brother’s autism diagnosis that inspired her to advocate for autism awareness.The last person from Hawaii to win Miss Teen USA was Kelly Hu in 1985, according to CNN affiliate KHO.

Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst hosted the show remarkably passing down her eponymous title to her successor Ki’ilani Arruda. She meditated on various facts including politics and the contemporary issues that are at the heart of the state like the reason behind why black lives matter and so on and so forth. As far as the contest is concerned she expressed her deepened sense of loss at the elimination of swimsuit competition which she always cherished and enjoyed at most.She also validated her point when she openly admitted that the swimsuit competition was her favorite part. “I grew up as an athlete,” Kryst said. “My dad is a bodybuilder — his swimsuit is much smaller than mine! My mom competed in pageant and her competitions included swimsuit. I was a Division I athlete. When I competed in track and field in college, I pushed myself to the limit. I did so much in order to make sure that I was at 100% for my competitions. And so I did the same thing for Miss USA, Miss North Carolina USA, and Miss Universe.”

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“For me, swimsuit is exciting,” she said. “I want to show you I worked hard for these abs, I worked hard for these thighs and calf muscles. And I want you to know that I’m proud of my body.”Kryst said she believes that Miss USA and Miss America’s diverging decisions on the swimsuit competition reflect “two different views of feminism.”

By providing such an alternate worldview about the beauty pageants, she once again proved herself to be adorable and brainy at the same time. Indeed a best takeaway for all the contestants!