Movie Theaters Focus on a Smashing Post – Corona Season

After a brace month of 2020, it was an unexpected turn around for the theater operators. The movie theaters were forced to close in March due to the coronavirus attack, and now they are planning to start at mid – June and release belated summer movies.

Operators are thinking of opening theaters in some parts of the US, where the coronavirus wave is decreasing. The financial problem is continuing as the theaters are remaining closed, not knowing when to restart yet again.

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The spokesperson of the National Association of Theater Owners, Patrick Corcoran, says about his two anxieties happening after the pandemic where either people will be agitated and nervous, or people get desperate to come to theaters. He called any time to be indefinite about the people’s mind and added that the timing would depend on guidance from health authorities.

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Unlike from other business, theaters face a list of problems which includes the competition for demand releases, old released movies to play again or release the delayed blockbusters. The awaited ones like “Mulan” and “Wonder Woman 1984” have schemed for August.

The theater operators now plan to release classic or old films which were playing in March, check the audience response, and then if turned positive, release the awaited blockbusters.

Movie Theaters Ready To Reopen After A Month
Movie Theaters Ready To Reopen After A Month

The owners are now looking for safety measures as not to panic the audience and hoping for their economic situation not to get worse and expecting releases on the Mid-month of June.

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