Movie theatres to open in Phase 1 under the Trump plan

While the country is taking each step sharply to reach its ‘normalcy’ and upgrade the economy, movie theatres are getting ready to reopen and start its business.

Restaurants, Churches are also allowed to open in the first phase, but the decision goes to Governors in each state. So is the case with Movie theaters which had been Smashing Post during Corona Season.

Despite theatres reopening, it would be difficult to predict whether people would leave their homes and visit theatres. The economy plan in Trump’ s mind should be rechecked.

Watch: Trump’s Policy in Opening Movie Theater during Pandemic

“No studio is going to drop huge summer blockbusters, with a hundred or even a thousand theatres. We are going to get small, genre films that sort of test the marketplace, but we are certainly not going to get the blockbusters,” said Bock.

Moreover, the studios have pushed their more prominent movies release dates. “Top Gun” moves to a holiday release. “The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run” moves to July 31.

The Universal Pictures movie “Minions: The Rise Of Gru” moves to July 2, 2021, shifting for more than a year.

Movie Theaters Ready To Reopen After A Month
Movie Theaters Ready To Reopen After A Month

Among the plan, social distancing gets strictly activated in Phase 1 where not more than ten people are allowed, i.e. theatres will run will just ten people but the theatre organizers feel people would come to the theatres as they want to leave their homes.

The theatre organizers report a $500 million loss by shutting more than 345 theatres last month while AMC entertainment mentioned it would offer a $500 million for the crisis caused.

The National Association of Theater Owners refused to give their opinion.

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