Movierulz2: You Must Know About This Before You Caught…

Movierulz2 a mirror site of notorious website Movierulz a popular torrent website where you can find leaked movies illegally available in HD quality.  In spite of being banned, such websites they spring up in different domains to upload all of its movies as pirated content.

For years, a cinephile fretted about cable bundling and the amount to be paid for hundreds of channels that they never watched to get the mite they enjoyed. And now the internet has revolutionized our way of getting entertainment through online streaming services. Eventually, movies online services increased in popularity, with comprehensive film library and TV shows. People had the entire film collection at the fingertip in the comfort of their homes.

As we know, the internet plays the most crucial role in streaming movies online, and also the rapid growth of technology is making the spike in its users. But one of the biggest downfall due to the internet is “Piracy” the act of legally acquiring, copying reproducing, and then distributing film media without any license or authorisation to do so is called piracy.

Internet is flooded with websites and portals which promote piracy and provides movie shows and series, which is the earning of the entertainment industry. And hence, such contents are available free of cost; it, in turn, impacts the film industry’s revenue and a violation of copyright law. The websites that host pirated contents are the primary source of piracy since they provide content for free. It sees them with good net traffic making them more accessible. Among them is the website Movierulz2, a torrent site that works illegally.

About Movierulz2

Movierulz2 website is a piracy website infamous to provide users to download pirated movies for free. A notorious online portal that streams latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and more languages movies days after the theatrical release, Hence every year the film industry loses billions owing to online piracy by such sites. Thus the Government has put a strict ban on Movierulz. But they have sprung up with its same proxy domain Movierulz2. The same mirror site that operates with the same procedure infringes the illegal content.

Movierulz2 in India 

To handle piracy and copyright infringement altercation, India constitution has the Copyright act of 1957, which acts as the main edict for the copyright laws in India. India is one of the countries that have multiple dominant box office film industries like Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and more Hence piracy is more in India as there is more material to be pirated which the local audience are interested. So the traffic of the sites that host pirated content is high leading film industry in a huge loss. Reeling to this Indian Government has banned website like Movierulz but has failed to stop them from leaking movies since they come up with different proxies.

Why it is better to avoid Movierulz2?

Movierulz2 is a bit gamble, because of the way it operates. As we have already discussed, using a piracy website for streaming and downloading purposes is a crime as per Indian and other countries law around the world, piracy is an offence, that can put the user in different lawsuits.

Normally the punishment for piracy is imprisonment or fine. Hence why to lay up trouble by entering such websites. Hence, it is advised to stay away from such websites like Movierulz2.

Illegal Domain Extensions created by Movierulz

As detailed above the main domain Movierulz has been put on a ban by the official associates in different countries hence to get around the ban they keep routinely changing their domains which doesn’t have much longevity. So to give you brief reference we have listed some of the domains-

Movierulz pe

Movie rulz



2movierulz .mx

Movies leaked Illegally in 2020 in Movierulz website

Fast Furious 9

Bad Boys for Life

Yedu Chepala Katha



Navy Metal

As per the report, the entertainment and film industry runs in a loss of around $5 billion every year because of the pirated websites like Movierulz2.

Which are the legal alternatives of Movierulz2?

You should know that downloading and watching movies can be done legally and with complete repose of mind. Find the list of movie sites that you can use to view and download for free with high-quality content. Even though its on a subscription basis, it’s worth keeping in the long run with no legal issues to watch. 

Not every movie downloaded on the internet is illegal. The MPAA encourages browsers and educators to use legal sites, Such as find below-


One of the worlds biggest platform to stream and watch your favourite shows. A California based media distributor established in 1997, that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more. A site where you can watch as much as you want, without a single ad. Some of the popular shows in Netlfix are Keeping up the Kardashians, Money Heist, Lucifer, Umbrella Academy. Raath Akheli hain. 

Amazon Prime Video

Its the best and the cheapest with a good streaming service provided by Amazon. Amazon Prime was launched as Amazon Unbox in 2006 and gradually dilated its library. In 2014 prime augmented the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia. Some of the famous Movierulz available in Amazon Prime- Four More Shots, Bandish Bandits, Parasite, will Smith Gemini Man.


Crackle is a movie site where you can find your favourite movies and TV shows. A website with high-quality streaming and an extensive collection of a prepackaged playlist of Hollywood movies and TV shows always free on all devices.

Watch Crackle unique and fresh buzz-worthy movies and TV s shows like. Snatch, Comedian in the Cars getting Coffee, The Art of More. Search per genre categories, including comedy, drama, action, and fandom to find incredible hits and unremembered favourites.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a cottage of old movies. A place where you can find silent films or antedate to mid-1900s. A selection of family-friendly films from good olden days.

It has a wide variety of movie genres, including a separate section of silent films with ads in most movies. If we go to the flip part, there are no TV shows with no apps. A slowing app with few selections.


Zee5 is an online platform launched recently that accommodates dramas of Zee TV production. It regularly updates new features to improve the user’s experience for their products. The app has several movierulz2 available such as Aitraaz, Chupaa Rustom TV shows- Kundali Bhahgya, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain and more. 

Illegal Alternatives of Movierulz2

Regarding the above information, you could have got the awareness and violence of the pirate websites. At the same time, you can find hundreds of piracy sites that provide you free service, hence we have piled up a list of illegal movie sites for your further information and alertness.
















FAQ- Frequently Asked Question on Movierulz2 site?

Is it riskless to download films in Movierulz2?

Websites like Movierulz2 works in a prosecutable strategy. The operators are mostly hackers who don’t disclose their identities and their locations from which they operate. Since its difficult for the government to trace them. Hence it’s risky to use such websites.

Is Movierulz2 permissible to use?

This website is a curated collection infringe content with CAM print copy of movies for with no proper authorization; hence it is illegal to use, hence not at a permissible act to use.

Why I can’t access Movierulz2 in my country?

Movie piracy is found illegal In India and other countries as well. The Indian Government has banned such sites as Moviesrule2 from Google. However evidently such sites create domain extensions from .com, .info, .un, to and more, anyhow the main extension is blocked from access to stop promoting piracy.


We the “Universal News” neither support nor encourage any pirated torrent sites, we have written the article only for an information basis. Hence it’s advisable not to download movies from such websites.

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