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Movies counter is a downloading and torrenting brand of websites that offer many of the same shows and movies that you can find via popular paid streaming services like Netflix- but free. Hence it is because of lack of payment and subscription process it makes websites like Moviescounter more popular. 

In medieval presets, piracy was often used for the act of raiding or looting, but once the internet is been there we can find internet piracy an act of downloading a file from the internet or by producing an online software thorough compact disc. An illegal acquisition, duplication, and distribution of any copyrighted product.

Content piracy has brought a big impact in the movie business, new releases are often stayed in theatres for months to maximize revenues, The main reason for this is the digital downloads, and now streaming has made the content pirated to get and distribute illegal copies which instead has shrunk the release window over the last several years. Hence such an act leads to the popularity of illegal websites like Movies counter as consumers increasingly turn to online outlets to access the same content.

Hence to find out more about the risks and drawbacks of such streaming sites, read our white paper here where we dive into the live streaming services including the safety measures to be taken while using internet. 

What is Movies Counter?

Movies Counter a torrenting site that produces content that is always user-generated since looking to its user’s demand the site leaks movies like Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil before or during their release in the theatres. The pirated films are uploaded as quickly as possible and the initial quality of the latest free download movies is between 3620P and 720P. 

Apart from Bollywood Movies Counter website has been unlawfully leaking films of several languages including: Tamil, Punjabi and English movies dubbed in Hindi. Even Marathi and Bengali movies as well. Even though is amongst few earliest movie download site it has huge hub of pirated contents in short span of time. 

Is Movies Counter safe?

At its core, Movies Counter is a torrenting site. Film is illegally copied and uploaded on this website portal. And then exhibited freely which earn popularity.Such sites like Movies Counter are subject to sketchy popups or warnings. When we download a film they suggest to update Flash or that your computer has malware and needs a scan, these are tries and true phishing attempts to get you to download really sketchy software.

All told you should never assume Movies Center or any other torrenting/ downloading service is safe. Not only are the sites themselves a hotbed for sketchy software downloads, you just never know why you’re getting when you download a file. Neither streaming nor downloading is the best option. 

2020 Movies leaked by Movies Counter

As a rule of thumb many movies are protected by copyright law and it is illegal to download them. A freshly leaked blockbuster get circulated across the globe very quickly. Same with Movies Counter they have leaked a vast number of movies mainly of several international stars. There is an array of movies like-


Bingil Dubbed Tamil Movie



Namma Veetu Pillai Bollywood Movie

Movies Counter impact on revenue 

Piracy doesn’t just affect the entertainment industry, says a new Government study. It’s capping the industry’s earnings potential while also hurting the economy. The same process is followed by the Movies Counter who is there to download movies to hurt the revenues of the film industry since the theatres face a footfall. However, the financially damaging effects of piracy primarily affect movies that aren’t in theatres yet.

Legal and Torrent websites that are similar to Movies Counter

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Piracy is a punishable offense under the copyright act 1957, Universal news strongly opposes any form of infringement act. We neither promote it. This article aims to inform our users to know about piracy and to create an awareness of the prone risks behind illegal websites.

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