Moviespapa an online piracy website that provides copyright movies online. An illegitimate website that brags about having an extensive collection of shows and movies. The websites execute an act of illegally acquiring, copying, reproducing, and then distributing film media. 

Movie piracy has become a more controlled art in recent times, from shaky recording on the camcorder, add-ons have made piracy grow a more subtle yet more dangerous practice. The method of pirating movies and uploading them online has grown more tricky to trace. And the interesting part is these websites that host pirated content are known to gain more popularity than legal websites and hence they experience a lot of network traffic due to their popularity, and the sheer number of users accessing their domains to their hands on the latest pirated TV shows and films. 

If you are someone to use such pirated websites then you will be aware of the site named Moviespapa. Moviespapa a notorious, illegal portal that is known for leaking movies during or before the release of a blockbuster. Which in return put the producers and developers under constant fear of their content getting pirated.

To give you all an awareness and the consequences of visiting the pirated website Moviespapa, we have drafted this article by providing various options for legal websites.

About Moviespapa 

Getting access to a free streaming site is not at all a big task. Nowadays one can find an extensive collection of free movie sites but the main thing to be scrutinized is whether these sites are legal, the same case is with Moviespapa, an illegal torrent website that provides a wide range of movies and preferences.

Its a website  responsible for leaking and allowing online users to download free online web series and TV shows, They even leak Telegu, Tamil, kanada and Marathi content. The site not only offers a vast resources of pirated movies but also provides them with fresh contents without any login or sign up procedures. 

2020 Movies leaked by Moviespapa

Moviespapa website directly streams movies from torrent and other global sources and therefore can find leaked movies just after release in CAM quality without any authorization. Find below the list of movies illegally broadcasted. 

Slip Part 1

Coolie No.1

Baras Baras


Black Beauty



Is it legal to download films in Moviespapa?

There is an array of online streaming websites mushroomed in recent times. People more and more prefer to watch online pirated seeing at the comfort of home, instead of going to theatres. But hence the other video streaming sites are paid subscribers who all hesitate and prefer free streaming without knowing the consequences. 

Legal and Illegal Alternatives of Moviespapa

Copyright Law

Copyright law commercially shield all films, there is where the licensed lines blur whether its a crime to upload films online for personel use is not legitimate, but disturbing or uploading to any streaming sites is considered to be a crime. But to think of the other side, its a sin to watch pirated movies because you don’t pay for the films, and the creators of it don’t get any money.


Piracy is an act of crime and is an offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purpose, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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