Moviezwap a flagitious free movie streaming pirated site that boasts of having an extensive collection of shows. By executing the method of pirating movies and uploading them online, Hence it’s a subject of litigation and even criminal prosecution. 

Movie piracy has become a more controlled art in recent times, from shaky recordings on camcorders to dedicated sites, apps, and add-ons to physical hardware, piracy has grown more subtle yet more dangerous as a practice. Pirates often make use of BitTorrent to upload their files and store them online. Which in return reach the user who requests the file is supplied to a huge group of seeders i.e. pirates who upload it via the internet, wither on pirated sites for free or solid on the gray markets.

Hence this threat of piracy of content has increased copiously, which in return put the producers and developers under constant fear of their content getting pirated. Since the present world has declared many incidents of content piracy, even though there are specific ways the officials have figured out to protect the content against privacy. It still mystifies many to handle the strenuous task of copying because the platform gains popularity from the users itself who always go for free and readily available content on the internet. Hence the lack of consciousness among the common populace regarding free torrent websites like moviezwap.

This article will go over the definition of piracy, how it is evolved, and give you an awareness and the consequences of visiting the pirated website Moviezwap, we have drafted this article by providing various options of legal websites.

What is Moviezwap?

Making way for the current prong in the number of free streaming sites is not a big task. Nowadays, one can find an extensive collection of free movies but the main thing to be monitored is whether these sites are legal, the same case is with moviezwap, an illegal torrent website that provides a wide range of movies and preferences.

But a glance, a website like Moviezwap shows it’s legal as they don’t host pirated material-they only dispense links of such items. But unfortunate for them as per US law administering links are subject to litigation and even criminal prosecution under the notion of contributory infringement.

How do Moviezwap operate?

The working method is same as other torrent websites, they provide the user with pirated links of top recent movies within the first week of its release to attract its viewers. Despite the quality of these movies being inferior and low video pixels, these movies get a good rating as it is uploaded a couple of days of release, hence a user is getting an easy access option sitting at home. Making the site to earn money through the increased click rate. Moreover they also get money through the ads posted. This is how the website keeps working and earn money.

Any criminal charges faced by the Moviezwap website?

As of now, there are no known criminal charges against Moviezwap. However, the website is still illegal as it shares copyrighted films and TV shows with out the consent and permission of the creators.

Movies illegally leaked by Moviezwap

The biggest blow these pirated websites dealt with the film industry is leaking the movies illegally right before the release of the star-studded action films. The websites like Moviezwap leak recent hits for download find below the list for your information.

  • Jhalki
  • Tumbbad
  • Baaghi 3
  • Wind Walker
  • Underwater 
  • The X Files
  • Siren 

Legal and Ilegal Alternative to Moveizwap

Many online streaming websites on the internet are hornswoggling in nature, and they just try to administer malware into your device. Hence such illegitimate site is potentially harmful and malicious for your device, so even though Moviezwap is free, there are several obstacles to frisk. So it’s better to rely on legal websites which you can find countlessly.


Piracy is an act of crime and is an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purpose, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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