Mp4moviez  is a notorious digital piracy website that makes the copyright materials handy to all across the internet without the authorization to do so. A website that leaks an enormous amount of movies and TV shows with incredible HD format. 

In this thronging world, where everybody is involved with the internet, hence the demand for entertainment like watching movies has expanded since one can conveniently pull one off from the internet, Almost all the users when they get into internet the first thing they do is surfing, and it’s pretty obvious they will surely look for free movie websites

Moreover, in the present day scenario, the majority of people switch to the internet nowadays for free online movies provided by pirated websites without knowing the consequences of visiting such sites. Such a pirated website is been explained in this article Mp4moviez. 

What is Mp4moviez?

Mp4moviez a modish torrent website for its availability of movies in different languages and genres with an extensive catalog. But coming to the dark side of the website it’s a pirated site that makes perfect digital copies of films. Such a website takes works of another and uses Bit Torrent sites to upload it online. 

Moreover being a torrent website they upload bootleg movies which is more prone to add popups that come with a strain of malware that hackers use to leak users’ information. 

History of Mp4moviez

Mp4moviez is one of the oldest movie sites in India. It has managed to bag immense favor from its users which has made it popular. In the beginning, it was just a meager one showcasing a limited Hollywood and Bollywood, movies but gradually its demand made could make it reach popularity due to its latest film upload. And moderately has time passed the platform was listed among the most famous torrent sites this sets a dangerous exemplar not only to film industry but also the economic sucess.  The same is with Movierulz, 123 movies, etc, which are known for their popularity by uploading engaging content. 

How does the Mp4moviez make money?

A website like Mp4moviez acquies content by copying and reproduce an infringment and distribute the same without any legalities for free and earn revenue through ads that pay per click since and such earnning a lot of clicks will intreturn genrate a lumpsump of money. 

Additionally, some earn money through streaming i.e they stream the pirated content specialized Kodi boxes hence further sales make an income.

Illegal Catorgories of Mp4 movies

Mp4moviez turn to be popular by providing its users with all movies, short films and trailers of different categories which leads legal users to lose their thousands of users, Find below the illegitimate list of categories and language of films.










Latest 2020 Leaks by Mp4moviez

The movie-making procedure is just endless. Several movies are released every year which gains popularity and money through piracy putting the real creator in a huge loss. Find below a list of pirated releases in Mp4moviez.

Little Woman 




Street Dancer 30

Do little 

My Brother Vicky

Illegal and Legal Alternatives of Mp4moviez

Mp4moviez is a plagiarized website. It’s a boon of several movie buffers who don’t care to watch a movie even though it’s pirated. Because of their illegalities Government is trying to bring them down to stop their illicit business. Hence not only Mp4moviez there are other several sites on this platform that are plagiarized. Find below 


Universal news does not promote piracy and strictly against plagiarized websites. This page aims only to pass information understanding the severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. We have written the article only for an information basis. Hence it’s advisable not to download movies from such websites.

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