Disney Mulan Will Be Premiering On Disney Plus Instead Of Theaters

After the Disney movie Mulan’s indefinite postponing, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Disney is now preparing for the release of the film through its video-on-demand streaming platform Disney plus. Mulan movie will be available on Disney plus by September 4.

Mulan: Watch the official trailer here

Apart from the regular premium subscription fee of $6.99, viewers had to pay an additional $ 29.99 for the movie alone. “We’re looking at Mulan as a one-off as opposed to saying there’s some new business windowing model that we’re looking at,” Disney chief executive Bob Chapek said. Mulan will stream in the silver screens at the places where Disney plus aren’t available.

About Mulan 

Mulan is an action drama movie of Disney Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mula,” whose release was recently retreated due to COVID 19 pandemic. In 1998 Disney released its first animated version of the movie under the same name. The director Nikki Caro is the director for both the animated and the film version. 32-year-old Chinese American actress Liu Yifei will be portraying Mulan in the movie edition. The budget of the movie was 200 million USD. Harry Gregson-Williams, who is also behind the music of famous films including The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy Prince of Persia, is producing the music for Mulan. 

According to the popular reviews from the critics, Disney created a culturally appropriate and overall empowering version of Mulan. After widespread of pandemic across the globe, the Walt Disney Company is making big changes to the movie theater industry and AMC Universal. The popular movie heading straight to the VOD is an example of that drastic change.

Mulan and Top Gun Maverick
Mulan and Top Gun Maverick

Due to the rapid change in the movie industry, the later addition of the microtransaction in Disney plus brought negative impacts on the regular subscribers. During the annual meeting of Disney, they announced that by the mid of 2020, Disney hit 60.5 million users across the planet. They are expecting to have an increased subscriber number from 75-80 million by the end of 2024. The added premium charge will be followed in the later release of the upcoming Disney movies until the pandemic is over. 

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