Murder Mystery set Netflix on fire

Currently, Netflix has broadcast that the comedy movie “Murder Mystery” which has set a new opening weekend record for the Netflix Film. In the duration of the first 3 days, the members watching the movie have gone up to 30.8 million views. Almost 13.37 million people from North America and Canada was being reported watching this movie. Rest 17.49 million people all over the world were informed about watching it. As per Netflix policy, it considers a movie to be watched by the people if 70% of the film is viewed. As per date the “Murder Mystery” has been reported as the largest opening weekend ever by this popular platform.

Watch the Trailer of the movie below:

Netflix is one of the most popular platforms that claim to have almost 148 million paid affiliation around the globe. Therefore the platform doesn’t need to particularly release a lot of big hit movies or series during its weekends. The “Bright” which was viewed by 11 million people in the US on the opening weekend in the year 2017 was a hit. But now after that Netflix announced to set a brand new record of the biggest opening ever for this platform.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Sandler have steamed the market with their popular movie “Murder Mystery”.  It has been believed that stars like Aniston and Sandler drew great attention of the crowd to this magnitude. The story is all about how these two popular American couple played the role of a hairdresser and a police officer and set off on the European trip.

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In their flight, they get the chance to meet an elderly billionaire. This person offers them to visit his family gathering. This get-together was about the take place at Yacht. The suspense begin when this elderly billionaire was found murdered and they became the key suspects. The movie is directed by Kyle Newacheck.

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