NBA players will receive 25% less in paychecks if the season gets canceled

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association have decided to reduce 25% of each player’s paycheck starting from May 15.

The season was suspended on March 11, leaving behind 259 remaining regular games because of the novel coronavirus.

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Adam Silver said it remains impossible for the NBA to make decisions about whether to resume this season.

The league said it would provide players with a more gradual salary reduction agreement to be enacted with the cancellation of the season.

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The NBA has not decided to quit the rest of the games, and the final decision will be made on June 15.

Four players from the Brooklyn Nets, Two from the Los Angeles Lakers, Two from Utah Jazz, one from the Detroit Pistons, and one of the Boston Celtics tested positive with COVID-19.

NBA Players will receive 25% less
NBA Players will receive 25% less

The decision of salary reduction also led to the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments, NHL season and Major League Basketball season.

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