Netanyahu meets the media after dealt a blow to Hamas in Gaza

Israel has dealt a blow to Hamas in Gaza, which has been carrying out missile attacks against Israel for the past three weeks.

At a news conference a few hours ago, Netanyahu said Hamas would face a major setback.

Now there is confirmation from Israeli circles that a severe blow has been inflicted.

To the words of Benjamin Netanyahu.

I said that we will give a very bad beating to Hamas and other terrorist organizations – and we do it. In the last day, we attacked targets in the underground, Hamas thought he could hide there and he couldn’t hide there.

His elders think they can escape from our arm-they can’t escape. We get to them everywhere, all these people and we will continue to do so.

They attacked us on our holiday day, they attacked our capital, they launched missiles to our cities, they pay and pay a heavy price for it. It’s not over yet. We will do everything to restore security to our cities and citizens.

I would like to say a word of appreciation to my friends of President Biden, other friends – French President, British Prime Minister, Austria Chancellor, German Prime Minister and others.

They stood for our natural and obvious right to protect ourselves, to act in self-defense against these terrorists who both attack civilians and hide behind civilians. It won’t help them we will keep working.

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