Netflix disconnects ‘Designated Survivor’ series in Turkey

Netflix has canceled an episode of “Designated Survivor” series The Kiefer Sutherland” stars in the political drama series- from its telecast in Turkey. 

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Turkey’s censor board, the Radio, and Television Supreme Council have ruled out a depiction of the fabricated character of Turkish President on Designated Survivor season 2, series 7 “Family Ties.” The series aired to other Netflix subscribers in the rest of the world.

“Following a demand from the Turkish official, we have disconnected one episode of Designated Survivor from Netflix in Turkey only, to abide by the local law.,” Netflix told Variety in a prepared statement on Thursday.

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Later Netflix had published a transparency report in February, in which it admitted that it has censored on nine later instances including in New Zealand, Vietnam, Germany, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. Out of these, the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj remains the most high- profile incident to date.

Turkey is the biggest market for TV production. Netflix Turkish series- the mystery The Protector, The Gift, and the teen drama ‘love 101’ premiered last week on Netflix.

Tune for Netflix Canada
Tune for Netflix Canada

Designated Survivor was premiered only two seasons on the American TV network ABC and then canceled. Later, Netflix announced they had planned with the third season but couldn’t proceed. Cannada has the most streaming Netflix series.

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