Netflix released a trailer for upcoming LGBT documentary ‘A Secret Love’

Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming LGBT documentary ‘A Secret Love’. As Netflix views a lock-down boom doubling it’s a global subscriber base, the streaming giant has released a trailer for the upcoming LGBTQ documentary A Secret Love, and it’s a tearful one.

Watch the official trailer here

The documentary directed by Christopher Bolan Produced by Ryan Murphy, Alexa L. Fogel, and Brendan Mason, the program shares the true story of Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel. They have been together for over 65 years but kept their relationship secret for most of that time. The trailer launches with the couple visiting a retirement home, with an employee saying, “We have not had any same-sex couples, but we do have family members that are.” To which Henschel replies: “If there were, would they be accepted? Because we are a couple.”

An interviewee then says, “They’ve been in my life since day one, and they’ve always been Auntie Terry and Auntie Pat. I didn’t know they were gay until about three years ago.” Another voice over later says, “They were playing baseball! Women didn’t do that. They dared to do something so different in a time when the difference looked on as something good.” One of the women says, “I loved my mother, but she would’ve disowned me.”

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Donahue and Henschel have been together since 1947, and were “essentially inseparable” but presented to those that knew them as roommates, good friends or cousins. “All of these strange things are happening, and I thought, this is not what I was supposed to do,” says Donahue, after explaining she’d previously dated a few men, all of whom had died from various tragic incidents. “That was before I met Terry that changed everything.”

A secret love
A secret love

The couple got old together in Chicago, and after Donahue diagnoses with Parkinson’s disease in addition to the difficulties that old age presents, they decided to come out to family and friends during their 80’s. Speaking of Donahue, Bolan says, “She didn’t want to go to the grave feeling like she’d lived a lie.” “You’ve broken the rules your whole life,” a male voice says to Henschel in the trailer. She replies, laughing: “Yes, I have. That’s why I’m happy.” A Secret Love arrives on Netflix on 27 April.

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