Netflix: Will Dr. Smith make her way back in ‘Lost in Space Season 3’?

The magical planet of ‘Alpha Centauri’ has become a consistent addiction for all those ‘lost in Space’ geeks out there! Having completed two successful seasons, the sci-fi web series ‘Lost in Space’ on Netflix has beautifully made its way through right from its inception. With its cliffhanger ending the series has left its viewers on tenterhooks. Now that they have renewed themselves for ‘Season3’, here’s an interesting information on the most repeatedly asked question: ‘Will Dr.Smith make a way back in ‘Lost in Space Season 3’?

If you are a binge watcher of Lost in Space, you might have taken note of a hidden clue about the death of Dr. Smith. Scarf and the blue rubber ball which is synonymous to Dr. Smith makes an appearance in the storage compartment of Jupiter and this has in turn stimulated a sense of skepticism within the viewers regarding the return of Dr. Smith. Well, let us find it out.

Everything we know about ‘Lost in Space’ so far

Lost in Space
Lost in Space

With Earth becoming hostile for life, a group of colonizers decides to flee to an inhabitable planet named Alpha Centauri. However, they are attacked by robotic aliens and their spaceship crash lands like an avalanche fall. The Robinson family comes to their rescue. Thus season 1 of the series focuses on the survivors, led by the Robinson family, trying to get off planet, but one survivor, Dr. Smith, is not who she seems to be.

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Coming to season 2, the character of Dr. Smith with the Robinson family are stranded on a different planet, as their initial attempt to return to the Resolute led them to a new solar system. They eventually reunite with the other colonizers. This is followed by yet another fatal attack by the aliens. In a spontaneous spur of moment the colonists decide to have the children, led by the Robinson kids, leave for the star system, since there is only one ship with enough room and energy to make the journey. Meanwhile, the adults scatter across space. While the kids make it away from the doomed Resolute, Will’s robot, who’s piloting the ship, takes them to the Fortuna, a colony ship that vanished nearly two decades ago.

Everything you should know about ‘Lost in Space Season 3’

As far as ‘Lost in Space Season 3’ is concerned, the news about its wrap up was recently announced by Netflix through their Twitter post.

Netflix announced about ‘Lost in Space Season 3’

Netflix rolled out all 10 episodes of Lost in Space Season 2 in late 2019. Last March, the network announced the series had been renewed for one final season. Netflix subsequently revealed in June the show had entered pre-production, but the series didn’t go into actual production until September due to delays related to COVID-19.

Will Dr. Smith make her way back in 'Lost in Space Season 3'
Will Dr. Smith make her way back in ‘Lost in Space Season 3’

‘Lost in Space Season 3’ has got plenty of secrets in store for both characters and the rest of the cast, as the season 2 finale saw a jump to an unknown sector of space and the discovery of the long-lost ship Fortuna. The final season of Lost in Space will explore what happened to Fortuna and Judy’s birth father. It will also likely follow the adventures of the Resolute children, who still need to find their way back to Alpha Centauri. Furthermore, Maureen and John, who were planning to sacrifice themselves to assure the other adults could get away, were saved by Don West, so what’s happened to them after that will likely be picked up.Most of the viewers are perplexed whether Dr. Smith is dead or will she make an unexpected entry. Also, whether the Robinson family will make it up to the Alpha Centauri is yet another daunting question that the audience is eagerly waiting to get an answer for.

As far as the rebirth of Dr. Smith is concerned, no further or exact update is available. But there is nothing to be disappointed about. Stay tuned with us. More updates will be available soon!

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