‘Never Have I Ever’ season 2 spoiler: Devi to hit a new rival? Here’s what’s in store for Devi!

The ‘People Choice Award’ winning show ‘Never Have I Ever’ is getting prepped for a brand new season full of surprises! The recent reports suggest that ‘Never Have I Ever’ season 2 has set its camera rolling for its brand new journey. The latest news report has announced and confirmed the addition of a new member ‘Megan Suri’. What’s her role in the story plot? Will she be a threat to Devi? Let’s find out!

‘Never Have I Ever’ is an American coming of age drama created by Mindy Kaling. Based on an American teenager Devi who is dealing with her father’s demise and other teenage issues. It is partially based on Mindy Kaling’s childhood in Boston. It first premiered on Netflix in April 2020.

mindy and devi from never have i ever
mindy and devi from never have i ever

‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2 spoiler: Ben or Paxton?

The concluding episode of season one churned up a chain of questions in the minds of the viewers. The unexpected ‘romantic kiss’ between Devi and Ben as well as the ‘patch-up-voice -message’ from Paxton gave a cliffhanger effect to the audience. Sandwiched between Ben and Paxton, Devi is now in a dilemma to make ‘right choice’ What shall be her take on this complicated relationship? Whom shall she choose as the ‘love of her life’? Well, hopefully the audience shall get to know about her life changing choice in the upcoming season.

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While her complicated romantic-dramatic life is at the verge of nosedive, a new threat awaits her! The great blow shall hit her in the form of ‘Aneesa’ played by Megan Suri, A new Indian admission to her school ‘Sherman Oaks’ who shall gainsay her confidence and pride. According to the recent Netflix post the addition of new member Megan Suri was officially made public out to the fans.

“The cast of Never Have I Ever is hard at work on Season 2 and want to introduce you to their newest co-star: @megansuri! She plays a new student at Sherman Oaks High, whose confidence and radiance will pose an immediate threat to Devi”- posted Netflix.

Now that a new rival is introduced into the show the things shall get all the more convoluted, believes the fans. Will Anessa be a ‘fly in the ointment’? Will she be an impediment before Devi’s love life?

The first season, which debuted on April 27 this year, was lauded by the critics for its inclusivity and breaking South Asian stereotypes.Fisher serves as writer, executive producer, and show runner with Kaling executive producing alongside 3 Arts Entertainment’s Howard Klein and David Miner.The show is produced by Universal Television in association with 3 Arts Entertainment, Original Langster, and Kaling International.

As far as the release date of ‘Never Have I Ever season 2’ is concerned, it seems that the fans have to wait a bit longer since the release date is not officially announced.

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