“New Addition to ‘Men In Kilts’ team,” says Sam Heughan: Who is the NEW MEMBER?

‘Men In Kilts’ season 1 episode 4 has been successful in burning its audience with a tinge of horror and panic. The episode delved more deep into the unknown and less discovered pages of witchcraft and superstition giving a chill down the spine for all its audiences. Recently, the Outlander fame Sam Heughan had given a warning about the upcoming episode of the show ‘Men In Kilts.’

Watch the preview of ‘Men In Kilts Episode 4’ below.

Having given this warning the actor is now up with yet another spoiler concerning a new addition to the ‘Men In Kilts’ team. Who is it?

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Of late, Sam Heughan shared a Twitter post announcing the arrival of a NEW MEMBER to their show.

‘Men In Kilts’ to add a NEW MEMBER to their Team!

”New addition to the
team…, ” posted the actor.

The new member mentioned in the post is wearing a plague mask and a leather jacket, clad in the complete pitch-black shade, which makes the viewers grow even more suspicious. The previous episode has seen how Graham was scared and horrified by the shake that this ‘plague masked man’ gave him. Does he have something to do with superstition and witchcraft that the duo has been talking about so far?

who is the new member in men in kilts
who is the new member in men in kilts

This particular news about the new member and their selfie click with him has way made it way more complicated. Now the ans are grappling with some serious questions concerning the spooky element. They are eagerly waiting to know if the following episode is a continuation of the previous one. Also, they are anxious about the upcoming spooky chill that the show shall offer if it is more about the unfolding of witchcraft.

witchcraft episode in men in kilts
witchcraft episode in men in kilts

Either ways, the ‘Men In Kilts’ has to be appreciated for the surprise and spoilers that they offer down the line, augmenting the thirst in their audience to watch and know more about their intrepid discoveries.

Stay Tuned!

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