New Educational Policy Allows Colleges to Offer Nursing Degree Independently

OWEN SOUND: Today, Ross Romano, The Minister of Colleges and Universities, announced a new nursing education policy at Georgian College, That empowers Institutions Independently Provide Nursing Degrees.

Now Ontario Govt permits Colleges and Universities to have stand-alone permission to offer bachelor nursing degree programs. It’s the first time they become an independent authority to provide a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree.

Watch: Ross Romano’s New Educational Policies

This Great decision allows them more choice around accessing a high-quality education to obtain a rewarding career in registered nursing.

Building Ontario’s economy means ensuring our postsecondary institutions are training students for the jobs of today and the future

Minister Romanio
Ross Romano
Ross Romano

This will give Ontarians the opportunity for more choices, while ensuring we maintain the highest quality nursing workforce

Christine Elliott

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The current model of the collaborative system was implemented in 2000. Health systems and postsecondary education have grown and evolved a lot. In other areas of study, so many colleges having experience in independent degree programs. This new policy empowers and expands, institutions greater flexibility and autonomy over their programming. This also increases the student’s choices.

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