New leak suggests 5g iPhone 12 Price in four different variants

Leaked iPhone 12
Leaked iPhone 12

iPhone 12 will come in four different variants cheaper than iPhone 11. Apple plan for 2020 has undoubtedly run into a perfect storm of challenges.

One of the smartest moves Apple has made in recent years was pricing the iPhone 11 at $ 699. Although the iPhone 11 Pro may have technically been the flagship of the 2019 iPhone list, priced at one numbered entry of the ubiquitous product line below $ 1,000 paid. As a result, the iPhone 11 was one of the best-selling mobile devices of 2019 despite being on the market for less than four months.

iPhone 12

Leaker Jon Prosser says the rumoured iPhone 12 will come in four different variants: a 5.4-inch version that would cost $650, a 6.1-inch version priced at $750, another 6.1-inch translation that would cost $1,000, and a 6.7-inch phone priced at $1,100. That would mark a departure from Apple’s current approach, considering it’s launched new iPhones in three different versions in recent years.

iPhone 12 sailing into unknown waters. Suppliers in China have already shut down or are operating on limited capacity because of the outbreak, which may impact not only inventory in September but sales too. Despite such disruptions, rumours continue to swirl around the iPhone 12 phones, which we imagine will continue until they officially launch.

In addition to maybe introducing 3D depth-sensing to its rear cameras and new screen sizes, speculation has arisen that Apple will belatedly include a feature in the iPhone. 2020 will be the first year that Apple introduces 5G support in the iPhone, allowing the new devices to connect to 5G networks that are much faster than 4G LTE networks. Some reports have suggested this year’s devices could delay because of the coronavirus pandemic. To know more technology news click here.