New Milestone for Central Bank of Japan

The government of Japan appointed Tokiko Shimizu, as the executive general of Central Bank on Monday. It is after 138 years of history that Japan considers a female for filling its six Executive Director Board.

Only thirteen percent of the bank managers are women, according to the Bank of Japan. The nine-member policy board contained a female member Takako Masai, a former executive of Shinsei bank.

Shimizu Corporation to assume the office for Central Bank of Japan: Watch More about him

Shimizu was looking after the financial and economic affairs of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions. She held a sequence of positions at Bank of Japan relating to financial markets and international relations.”Tokiko Shimizu starts a four-year term as executive director on Monday” (May 11), the BOJ said in a statement.

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She is also the pioneer female branch manager in 2010, of the Takamatsu branch. The 55-year-old lady aimed high and gradually had growth in BOJ. She became the head of Nagoya Branch in 2018, where she monitored the country’s center of the auto industry.

Bank of Japan
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan, established in 1882, has never had a female Governor. After World war II, equal rights were granted for both sexes; the economic conditions for women in japan remained the same. Studies depict that Japanese women are working in higher proportion than the American working women. However, in the global survey of women in parliament, Japan holds the rank of 123 out of 189 countries.

It is evident from the decisions of government that Japan is on the way of Women’s empowerment.

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