New strategy of US Government against Iran

The US Government announces their strategy against Iran is to keep them in control of using nuclear weapons and trading of war equipment’s.

Washington, DC:  US Government had come up with there strict control over Iran in terms of there nuclear experiments and weapon trade. The United States will never allow the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to freely buy and sell planes, tanks, missiles, and other kinds of conventional weapons. These UN sanctions will continue the arms embargo. 

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Today, the US State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo holds a press meeting describing its strategy against Iran. “I notified them that the United States is initiating the restoration of virtually all UN sanctions on Iran lifted under UN Security Council Resolution 2231. This process will lead to those sanctions coming back into effect 30 days from today”-says Secretary Pompeo.

He also adds that weeks ago, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates sent a letter to the Security Council urging a renewal of the arms embargo before it expired in October. “America won’t join in this failure of leadership. America will not appease. America will lead” says secretary Pompeo.

Iran’s economy which is now devastated due to COVID-19 is now experiencing yet another blow and that too from the US.

Iran will be again prohibited from ballistic missile testing. Iran will be back under sanctions for ongoing nuclear activities – such as the enrichment of nuclear material – that could be applied to a nuclear weapons program.

US Government Against Iran
US Government Against Iran

These decisions taken by the Trump administration can also be reflected in the upcoming US elections as there are many haters for Iran in the US.

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